Gamers Hit Jackpot with Windows 10

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Let’s admit the obvious first- Windows 10 is undoubtedly sensational!

It not only presents some of the best features (cortana, continuum, windows ink, and other revamped core apps) till date but has also been a huge hit among PC gamers, thanks to the inbuilt Xbox App.

According to the reports of monthly surveys conducted by Steam, the largest digital distribution platform for social networking and multiplayer gaming, it has been revealed that more and more gamers are flocking towards Windows 10 with every passing month.

As of April 2016, Windows 10 accounts for approximately 37% of all user registration and logins on the gaming service, displaying an increase of about 3% since February.

All other versions, however, have displayed a whopping decrease in registration and login percentage- Windows XP accounting for only 2.28%, Windows 8 for about 18.5%, Windows 7 although is at approximately 45%, its usage has decreased by about 2% as compared to earlier surveys and Windows Vista is almost out of the game with only 0.5% system logins for the gaming service.

While it’s true that free up-gradation that was available for almost a year (till 29th July 2016) has played a huge role in the shift, the fact Windows 10 does offer some pretty impressive features for PC gamers cannot be ignored.

It would be interesting to see this number game now that free up-gradation has ended, but let’s keep the ‘free’ factor on the side shelf for now and explore the other factors that have made Windows 10 such a great hit among PC gamers.

DirectX 12 is the Secret Sauce Taking Windows 10 Performance A Notch Higher

While DirectX, the underlying application programming interface that gives the games their much-appreciated look and feel, has been with Microsoft since Windows 95, Windows 10 is the only operating system that supports DirectX12.

What makes DirectX12 so special is the fact that it has been able to optimize the performance by up to 300%, simply by bridging the core limitation gap between your CPU and graphics card, which ultimately means no more log-jamming by the CPU and that you can have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

DirectX 12 also solves the problem of gaming with old systems. In fact, the older your system, the better will be the performance boost. It seems absurd but that’s how it is with Windows 10.

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Say Hello to Power Saving

The biggest perk of DirectX 12 is that it works in sync with the modern multi-core CPUs, unlike the previous versions.

Since DirectX 12 distributes the load equally across the multiple cores, the amount of power required for optimal performance is lesser. In simpler words, with Windows 10 DirectX 12, you do not have to worry about draining your laptop’s battery while gaming.

Secondly, Windows 10 boots faster than the older versions, which means less waiting for the Windows to start up and more playing.

And lastly, the inbuilt Xbox app is an added advantage. Not only it allows you to stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10, but also allows you to keep track of your profile, score, and achievements right from your PC.

So, if you too are a hardcore PC gamer, you know what your next step should be- Get Windows 10 and experience the world of better gaming. 

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